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Marine Biosecurity Specialists

We specialise in helping clients manage biofouling and Aquatic Invasive Species (IAS) related challenges using pragmatic solutions.

Biofouling Solutions (BFS) has been delivering pragmatic advice and hands-on assistance to help regulators and the global shipping industry manage biofouling and Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) since 2008. Building upon our team’s experience in biofouling and IAS research, biosecurity governance and applied management, BFS prides itself on translating scientific and policy aspirations into real-world cost-effective solutions. We offer services addressing all your biofouling and IAS management needs including advisory services, undertaking likelihood/risk assessments, development educational and training materials, vessel Biofouling Management Plans and Record Books, port baseline and on-going surveys, through to developing in-water cleaning/treatment technologies for routine vessel maintenance or emergency incursion response management.  



Collectively, our team has over 75 years experience with researching and/or managing biofouling and Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS).

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