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BFS has a team of highly experienced inspectors that can meet the demands of large projects. We have over 100 years of combined experience inspecting vessels and marine infrastructure. All our inspectors are capable of conducting high quality, cost-effective biofouling and Invasive Marine Species inspections. Our services can be customised to client requirements, with inspectors available for in water or dry dock inspections around the world. Importantly clients can rely on our high standards of reporting, quality control and prompt delivery of outputs.

Pre-inspection consultation services:
  • Review of regulatory requirements including analysis of regional, national and international regulations and a practical assessment of management requirements

  • Assessment of project-specific factors and local environmental implications for proposed operations

  • Risk assessment approaches incorporating standardised industry models and regulatory models as well as advanced in-house species-specific assessment capability.

  • Compilation of vessel specific management approach based on operational history of vessel

  • Advisory service providing analysis of regional management options to meet regulatory and project-specific requirements

Inspection and cleaning services:
Biofouling Solutions offers a complete vessel inspection service to provide confidence that vessels meet the biosecurity standards demanded by both regulatory authorities and project-specific guidelines. Our tailored approach to inspection provides high confidence outputs and focuses on all elements of marine biosecurity including:
  • Underwater hull

  • Underwater niche areas (e.g. Sea-chests, thrusters, rope-guards etc.)

  • Internal seawater systems (including visual and internal inspection using an endoscope)

  • Ballast tanks including confined space access

  • All top-side immersible equipment

  • Any other equipment capable of entraining Invasive Marine Species.

BFS has conducted inspections and provided cleaning oversight and approval for vessels and infrastructure in 20 countries. Our services have been applied on a wide range of scales; from small recreational yachts up to the largest commercial vessels and drilling rigs in the world.  Our services include:

  • Dry-dock inspection

  • Dry-dock cleaning oversight and assessment

  • In-water inspection using divers

  • In-water cleaning oversight and assessment

  • In-water inspections using Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections

  • Novel inspection services including in-situ cleaning of infrastructure on heavy-lift vessels

BFS offers a range of reporting capabilities to meet the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and timely reporting service that encompasses:
  • Immediate checklist assessment reports (within 24hrs of survey)

  • Follow-up detailed final reports (within 7 business days of survey)

If you are interested in any of the services provided by BFS, please email us your details via the link below

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