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Capability Statement

Summary of Core Capabilities 

BFS services cover a broad range of professional, scientific and technical aspects of biofouling and Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) management. Our staff have high level tertiary qualifications in marine biology, a diverse range of practical skills, and extensive field experience.

Our Services Include:

  • Advisory Services

  • Likelihood/Risk Assessments

  • Vessel Inspections

  • Development of Biofouling Management Plans and Record Books

  • Port Baseline Surveys and On-going Surveillance Programs

  • Scientific Research and Development Services

  • Education and Training


Advisory Services

One of BFS’ greatest strengths is our ability to effectively communicate with our clients. Given the extensive knowledge and experience of our staff, we are able to navigate clients through various biofouling requirements and ensure cost-effective, pragmatic outcomes. Most importantly, we have gained the respect of regulators as a consequence of our marine biology/ecology research backgrounds, experience and involvement in the development of biofouling management requirements around the world. These include: the International Maritime Organization, New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries, State of Hawaii, California’s State Lands Commission, Commonwealth’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Western Australian Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development and more. Furthermore, we are respected within the oil and gas industry due to our ability to remain independent and objective. We pride ourselves on pragmatic solutions to complex issues and advocate pro-active management to prevent a cascade of unplanned delays and costs to industry.


Likelihood/Risk Assessments

BFS has extensive experience in conducting desktop assessments surrounding the likelihood of vessels or infrastructure carrying or introducing IAS to new locations. BFS is regularly engaged by the maritime industry to assist them undertake such assessments to help them decide on the most appropriate management measures to adopt. Such assessments have saved clients from either over-committing to or under-estimating necessary management measures which would have cost millions of dollars in both direct and opportunity costs. Such assessments involve a thorough understanding of all the selective filters or challenges IAS must over-come in order to successfully navigate through the "Invasion pathway". BFS is also very familiar and able to assist with the use of various Vessel Risk Assessment Score Sheets (VRASS) which are often used as the first step in deciding whether any further management measures are required in order for vessels to pose a "theoretical" low risk and enter onto specific oil and gas projects in Australia.  

Vessel Inspections

BFS has inspected over 1,700 vessels, including 58 different vessel types ranging from small ocean-going yachts to the largest vessels/infrastructure in the world. Moreover, these inspections have occurred in numerous locations around the world including: Australia, China, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Vietnam. We also have the most advanced Standard Operating Procedures and in-house training regimes currently available which ensure that BFS Inspectors maintain a consistent and high level inspection service.

Biofouling Management Plans and Record Books

BFS has been developing Biofouling Management Plans (BMP) and Record Books (RB) in accordance with the International Maritime Organization's 2011 Biofouling Guidelines since 2012. While such BMP and RB were extremely thorough, they were paper-based, onerous to maintain and/or become quickly out-dated. Therefore, BFS has created a new user-friendly biofouling management platform called BMP+ which is an electronic portal which is installed on-board the vessel and in the cloud whereby all information is backed-up, up-to-date and easily accessible to shore personnel and regulators. More importantly, BMP+ is about educating and empowering the shipping industry to take control of their biofouling management, and ultimately reduce unnecessary economic and environmental impacts. For more information, go to


Port Baseline and/or On-Going Surveillance Programs

BFS personnel have been involved in over 50 baseline, port surveys and on-going surveillance programs throughout Australia and New Zealand. While BFS is capable of designing such surveys to meet various regulatory/client requirements, BFS is also capable of designing and undertaking cost-effective surveys using innovative methods which maximise the likelihood of detecting Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS).

Research and Development Services/Solutions

BFS has a well-established research and development capacity dedicated to the development of practical tools designed to mitigate the unwanted accumulation and spread of IAS through vessels biofouling. Currently, our products and services are primarily targeted towards the commercial shipping, petroleum exploration and production sectors of the maritime industry. However, we are also committed to developing effective management measures for aquaculture industries, port authorities and border control authorities.

Education and Training

BFS is capable of developing and delivering tailored educational and training materials ranging from conference presentations, workshops, university lectures, brochures, pamphlets, etc focusing on increasing the awareness of biofouling and/or Invasive Aquatic Species (IAS) science, impacts, and management. 

Certificates of Currency

BFS has the following insurance cover:

   •   Professional Indemnity $10 million

   •   Public Liability $20 million

   •   Workers Compensation Insurance

Quality Assurance

BFS is about scientific excellence, continually applying skills, knowledge and new ideas against a quality management framework. The company’s strengths revolve around its people – a dedicated and experienced team of marine scientists who are committed to providing professional quality services to all of our clients. Our management team understands its responsibility to nurture and foster a culture of continual improvement, both internally within the company, and externally to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing and complex business environment.

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