The Biofouling Solutions Team

The quality and integrity of Biofouling Solutions (BFS) services are based on the skills and dedication of our experienced team. 

Our focus is to provide quality services and specialist expertise in marine biosecurity assessments and management.

We employ staff who have a strong background and commitment to high standards in these areas.

Whilst our specialist focus sets us apart from many other environmental consultancies, we work closely with a network of service providers in related disciplines who share our values and collaborate with us to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients. BFS possess a wide range of technical skills needed to perform field operations in a diverse range of environments and working conditions. Our field team includes commercial and scientific divers, full coxswains, and staff with advanced skills in marine electronics, underwater photography, remote sampling techniques, scientific project management and field logistics.

Ashley Coutts
Dr Ashley Coutts

Managing Director

Principal Scientist

Patrick Lewis
Dr Patrick Lewis
Principal Scientist
Nick Gust

Dr Nick Gust

General Manager

Principal Scientist

Derek Tan
Chief Technical Designer & Development Advisor
Derek Tan
Jeremy Lane
Jeremy Lane

            Marine Scientist

Colleen Morris

Colleen Morris

Financial and Business Manager


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