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Inwater Cleaning Tools

After many years working together, Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd. (BFS) and Mr Derek Tan (Leading Marine Technology Pte Ltd) have combined forces, integrating our respective strengths to offer technical expertise in commercial diving, innovative solutions to biofouling and invasive marine species management backed by excellence in marine biosecurity science.

BFS will work collaboratively with Mr Tan, who has been appointed as Chief Technical Designer & Development Advisor, to maintain and further develop innovative in-water cleaning and treatment technologies.

BFS recognise Mr Tan as an industry leader in the development of innovative inwater cleaning and treatment technologies, and have long been impressed with his integrity and commitment to improving commercial diving safety standards.

We believe our integrated resources will strengthen and support the on-going development of new scientifically proven, cost-effective and user-friendly inwater cleaning and treatment technologies, for hull grooming to reduce fuel consumption and the unwanted dispersal of invasive marine species.


The Underwater Multi-Tool is one tool that does it all!

The Underwater Multi-Tool is a hydraulically powered multi-purpose hand-held machine that has been refined over a period of 25 years. It has changeable adapters that allow the machine to be easily and quickly converted to undertake underwater drilling, grinding, cutting, polishing and targeted grooming/brushing activities.

The machine has interchangeable handle configurations that allow a diver to customise and set the multi-tool up the best way for a particular task.

The Underwater Multi-tool will handle back pressure due to motor load up (when excessive force or a jam occurs) better than any other underwater hydraulic tool available. The Underwater Multi-tool has an extra return line, allowing a faster free flow return and no hydraulic oil leaks.

When you own an Underwater Multi-tool you only have to service and maintain ONE tool! Not FIVE separate tools. The Underwater Multi-tool is designed to be very easy and cost effective for the owner to conduct the general service when required.


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Spinning Nozzle
Spray-back Nozzle
Straight Nozzle
Rotator Nozzle