Derek Tan

Chief Technical Designer & Development Advisor

for In-water Cleaning Technology (Singapore)


We are proud to announce that Biofouling Solutions Pty Ltd. (BFS) have purchased the intellectual rights to all current and future in-water cleaning and treatment technologies developed by Mr Derek Tan of Leading Marine Technology Pte Ltd. (LMT), Singapore. 

BFS will work collaboratively with Mr Tan, who has been appointed as Chief Technical Designer & Development Advisor to BFS, to help maintain and further develop innovative in-water cleaning and treatment technologies.


BFS recognize Mr Tan as an industry leader in the development of innovative in-water cleaning and treatment technologies and have long been impressed with his integrity and commitment to improving commercial diving safety standards. After many years of working together, BFS and LMT have enjoyed forging a long-term business relationship.


Both parties are delighted with this collaboration which we strongly believe creates a unique force by integrating our respective strengths. Together we offer technical expertise in commercial diving, innovative solutions to biofouling and invasive marine species management backed by excellence in marine biosecurity science. Significantly, these integrated strategic resources will strengthen and support the on-going development of new scientifically proven, cost-effective and user-friendly in-water cleaning and treatment technologies for hull grooming to reduce fuel consumption and the unwanted dispersal of invasive marine species.  


Such technologies include the specially designed Smart Kart (an underwater cleaning machine with thruster and rotational brushes for hull grooming), the Underwater Multi-tool (for propeller polishing, cutting, grinding, drilling), various water-jetting nozzles (for cleaning niche areas), and rope guard, sea chest and box cooler treatment technologies.


We value your on-going support and will continue to keep you informed on future developments. You are welcome to contact us directly or contact Mr Tan with any questions you may have regarding our technologies.

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