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Mr Derek Tan
Chief Technical Designer & Development Advisor

for In-water Cleaning Technology Singapore/Australia

Mobile +65 91134246

Derek Tan has over 30 years experience with commercial diving, and in particular cleaning vessel hulls throughout south-east Asia. As a result, Derek has used a variety of in-water cleaning equipment on the market and therefore understands which equipment and features are the most effective and efficient at removing various levels of biofouling from different hull locations. Moreover, Derek and BFS are now in the process of developing new scientifically proven, cost-effective and user-friendly in-water grooming, cleaning and treatment technologies to help the maritime industry reduce fuel consumption and the unwanted dispersal of Invasive Aquatic Species (AIS).  


Such technologies include the specially designed Smart Kart (an underwater cleaning machine with thruster and rotational brushes for hull grooming), the Underwater Multi-tool (for propeller polishing, cutting, grinding, drilling), various water-jetting nozzles (for cleaning niche areas), and rope guard, sea chest and box cooler treatment technologies.

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