About Biofouling Solutions

Biofouling Solutions specialise in applying marine biosecurity science to pragmatic assessments and management

Our services cover the broad range of scientific, professional and technical skills required to effectively manage biofouling and invasive marine species (IMS). We specialise in pragmatic management of IMS risks via reducing the potential for their transport and introduction. We have specific expertise in managing biofouling on man-made surfaces including a wide range of immersible infrastructure, the external surfaces of a diverse array of complex vessels and within internal seawater systems.  

Biofouling Solutions was established in 2008 in response to the increasing global environmental threat posed by the translocation of Invasive Marine Species (IMS) through biofouling. Our staff include highly trained marine biologists who combine their diverse range of skills and experience to scientific, environmental and industrial applications. 


Our team are capable of rapidly mobilising to anywhere in the world and have a proven track record of successfully inspecting and managing IMS risks for some of the largest and most diverse vessels and infrastructure in the world. We are experienced in developing, testing and implementing a wide range of biofouling treatments and management regimes that can be applied to any maritime vessels or infrastructure.

Biofouling Solutions is based in Australia, but has an international and expanding client base. Our biofouling services and treatments can be applied to a diverse range of different vessel or infrastructure types.
Biofouling Solutions reputation is built around the skills and capabilities of our people. As a company, we provide high-level specialist IMS expertise, a high standard of quality control and reporting, a commitment to client needs, and integrity in all aspects of our operations.

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